An overview of the international BMX calendar


The International BMX Federation was founded in early 80s, 1981 to be precise. Although the organisation is now defunct, it was replaced by the well-known Union Cyclist International (UCI). In its first year of existence, however, in 1982 it organised the first international BMX competition. Today it’s the role of the UCI to organise these competitions. And although the bodies who govern the competition may have changed, the event has…

A Quick Guide to Motorbike racing


There’s a bit more to moto racing, bike racing, or motorcycling, or whatever one wants to call it. It’s not just about hoping on a two-wheeled, internal combustion-powered engine and driving as quickly as possible. There’s a seemingly endless array of sub-genres of racing, ranging from endurance rallies, to short hill climbs, to races that focus on hand-made motorcycles for petrol head enthusiasts. Here, however we’re taking a quick look…

Three great motorbike trips worth thinking about


For me personally there is no greater excuse to travel than to embrace one of my numerous hobbies. In fact, most of the reasons I travel—aside from being able to see new places, meet new people, eat new foods and take advantage of a globalised world—is to indulge in the hobbies I have that I don’t always have time for when I’m at home. Where lots of equipment is involved…

The best motorbike tours in Europe


1.The Hansa Tour. Perhaps not as well known as they once were the Hansa was a loosely allied set of predominately German city-states run by merchants. At their peak the country—to use a clumsy term—stretched from London to Novograd. Although each city was in effect it’s own trading country that merely shared an army and foreign policy with other members of the Hanseatic League, cities like Hamburg, Riga and Lübeck…

Top Three Oldest Motorbike Races


Even the most cursory glance at a car and a motorcycle and the most untrained of eyes will be about to tell that the motorcycle is a simpler machine simply by virtue of size. It’s quite logical therefore that it was the motorcycle that was first invented. Although cars had the frame of a horse-drawn carriage to build upon (quite literally in the early years of the automotive industry), it…

The Five Greatest Motorcycle Racers in history


1. Giacomo Agostini. If you couldn’t guess from the name, Agostini is Italian and is considered by a great many people to be the best motorcycle racer of all time. Considering the fact that he accumulated a total of 122 Grand Prix wins in addition to his 15 World Championship titles, it’s difficult to argue with that accolade. He mostly raced in the 500cc class, but he also dominated the…

An overview of the motorcycle


The motorcycle developed as a continuation of the bicycle. The first bicycles were two-wheeled novelties, essentially, without any gear or chains. Riding early bicycles was quite dangerous as they had very little means of controlling them. The ‘safety bike’ was developed, which was the first bicycle with chains and gears as we know them today. From there the safety bike evolved into today’s bicycles in one direction and today’d motorcycles…

Calling all adventures


We are looking for some great videos to feature on our YouTube channel. Do you have cool clips? Maybe it’s something funny, some misadventure, a bike trick gone wrong. Maybe it’s something gone right, catching an awesome motorcycle stunt. Whatever action shots you’ve managed to capture, we would love to see them and maybe feature them on our channel.



We have been trying to get this blog up and running for a while now and it is finally ready to launch. As you may know, we have been posting news about our activities and events through Twitter and Facebook for a while now. But we wanted to have a proper Bike Hire Blog so that we could tell you about loads of exciting things that are going on. We also…