An overview of the international BMX calendar

The International BMX Federation was founded in early 80s, 1981 to be precise. Although the organisation is now defunct, it was replaced by the well-known Union Cyclist International (UCI). In its first year of existence, however, in 1982 it organised the first international BMX competition. Today it’s the role of the UCI to organise these competitions. And although the bodies who govern the competition may have changed, the event has become a staple in the calendar of BMX lovers everywhere. However, it’s most certainly not the only event in the BMX calendar. Here are a couple of our tips for finding some good events to watch.

The Simple Session is probably one of the most fun events in the rider’s—and spectator’s—calendar. Although it has to be said, that this event is poorly named because the tricks on display here are anything but simple. Held annually in Tallin, Estonia on 1st May this event features top riders as well as upcoming talent and is the place to see some of the most impressive BMX performances and skateboarding tricks. It’s certainly not for those faint of heart however Simple Session is nearly as popular for its party atmosphere as for it astonishing tricks. If you’re not intimidated by a little partying to go alongside world-class tricks, head off to beautiful Estonia!

One must say however that although Simple Sessions isn’t the only place to find a decent party after a full day of tricks and athletes showing there best. Every summer the Nass Festival, held near Bristol, England hosts some impressive riders. In addition to the skateboarding and music for which the festival is known, there’s also the legendary BMX World Championship, sanctioned by the International BMX Freestyle Federation. Remember to book your tickets well in advance, as the the tickets for Nass tend to sell out quickly, because, like Simple Session people usually go for more than just the BMX riding.

If you’re on the Western side of the Atlantic and fancy something a little more low-key than the crazy party atmosphere of both the Nass Festival and Simple Sessions, you’ll want to consider visiting the Race for Life racing series, usually held in late August or early September. One of the most interesting g aspects of this series is its purpose it not simply  to entertain spectators, but also to raise money and awareness to fight blood cancers. Also, for those who don’t have the financial means to travel, this series might be ideal as races are held all over the US.