Three great motorbike trips worth thinking about

For me personally there is no greater excuse to travel than to embrace one of my numerous hobbies. In fact, most of the reasons I travel—aside from being able to see new places, meet new people, eat new foods and take advantage of a globalised world—is to indulge in the hobbies I have that I don’t always have time for when I’m at home. Where lots of equipment is involved in sports like sailing or skiing it’s sometimes impossible to take it when me and I have to hire it. But nevertheless that’s a good option for doing a hobby abroad. The same is true of my biggest passion: motorbikes. And that being said here are a couple of my favourite places to ride, in case you’re looking for a new holiday idea:

American Southwest. This is absolutely the classic road trip for me. Deserts filled with cactus and beautiful painted deserts, dry heat and glorious scenery. What more is there to ask for? With many cities such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Santa Fe in the area there are always plenty of options to fly into and hire a motorbike. The Grand Canyon is also located just outside of Las Vegas and only about four hours from LA—and that’s certainly a must-see for anyone visiting this beautiful landscape. And don’t forget that you also have the possibility to drive on the famed Route 66 for a taste of some classic Americana.

Italy. While the American Southwest is ideal for nature, solitude, self-reflection and some proper countryside life, Italy offers the opportunity for culture, history, food, and astonishing cities and architecture. For a real road warrior who’s after some proper driving, Italy might not be the best option. With so many cities—each with a unique and ancient culture—so close together you’ll never have to drive more than a couple of hours before being in the next place where you could spend a couple of days. But there’s hardly a better place for great food and astonishing culture, making Italy an ideal place for a roadtrip.

Japan. This country isn’t always the first place to pop into mind when one hears ‘road-trip’. But at the same time there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Japan’s history is as subtle and ancient as Italy’s and the landscape has semitropical settings as well as alpine mountains covered in snow and of course mega-cities like Tokyo. Everything to offer, especially if you like sushi.

There’s any number of other places that could be added to this list, but for my money these are three of the best and while others might offer more adventure or more of a once-in-a-lifetime feel the infrastructure is available for everyone in these places to hire a motorbike and get out on the open road.